Best Foods for Weight Loss

Which of us would not want to be perfectly flat tummy, which one could boast in a skimpy bikini. It seems to us that the only exercise or some diet pills can help us achieve such an objective. The fact can help, but the solution will be even easier if you change your diet and daily meals will help you with this without poisoning the body of unhealthy chemicals. Read the E-Factor Diet review here, you'll know what to eat to have a flat stomach.


Asparagus is a natural diuretic, which effectively allow you to excrete excess water from the body, allowing it to be much faster you become thinner. Asparagus is also an aphrodisiac, which will make you have a greater desire for sex, and thus burn extra calories.


Blueberries have long been known as a very healthy fruit, and their properties are still being researched by scientists. Recent studies have shown that they are very effective in the fight against fat. The berries are seasonal fruits, but that does not mean that the frozen lose a lot of value.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are very helpful in the process of digestion. Add a slice of lemon into hot tea or a drink, and lime necessarily have to find a favorite salad. When you're hungry, you choose these particular fruits, which effectively satisfy your appetite and also help to digest what you ate earlier.


Eggs are very rich in protein, and contain large amounts of vitamin B12 to help in the digestion process. Eggs are a great choice when it comes to breakfast. You will add a lot of energy and satisfy hunger for longer periods.

Green tea

Green tea is extremely effective in burning calories. Although the flavor may not the best, you can get used to it (or take green tea as a dietary supplement). Add to the daily menu a few cups of green tea, and you'll see how quickly the body will help digested food consumed.


It's very exotic and interesting in taste fruit. In addition, they are full of vitamins, which help in digestion, they also help remove unpleasant flatulence. Papaya is not enough that you deprive a not inconsiderable amount of calories it also can make your skin will look fresh and radiant.


Salmon is simply packed in Omega3 fatty acids that help in the digestion of ingested food, burning calories and maintaining proper weight. Salmon tastes great and you can eat it really in any quantities.


Water is known that facilitates the removal of toxins from the body, it accelerates the burning of calories and facilitates the metabolism. Most people drink water instead of juice or sodas that contain a large amount of sugar, which is not helpful for weight loss. If you are not an advocate of pure mineral water you add to it the juice of a lemon or orange. Remember that you should drink about 8 glasses of water a day.

E-Factor diet Tips

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